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Slim FIT Mom to Mamacita PROGRAM


What does the program include?


1. Personalized Coaching:


Prenatal Stage: 


We know that every body and every pregnancy is unique, so we adapt our fitness program and routines according to your needs and evolution. 

This way we will help you stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy.


Our approach includes:


Exercise routines designed specifically for each trimester, ensuring safety and effectiveness for you and your baby.


Strengthening and Flexibility: 


Programs that strengthen your body to withstand the changes of pregnancy and prepare you for childbirth, including pelvic floor strengthening exercises and stretching.


Cardiovascular Training 


Moderate cardiovascular activities to keep your heart healthy and improve your endurance.

Breathing and relaxation techniques:


Techniques to achieve a successful delivery.

Postnatal Stage:


In the postnatal stage, "Mom to Mamacita" will continue to support you on your journey to recovery and reconnection with your body after childbirth. Our fitness program is designed to help you safely and progressively regain your physical shape. It includes:


Gradual Recovery: Gentle exercises for early postpartum recovery, focusing on pelvic floor rehabilitation and abdominal muscles.


Progressive Strengthening: Training plans that evolve with your progress, helping you regain strength, endurance, and flexibility.


Functional Training: Practical exercises that prepare you for the physical demands of caring for your baby.


2. Zoom Meetings:


Live Sessions: These meetings will allow you to resolve doubts, share experiences, receive practical advice in real-time, and get the right guidance on prenatal and postnatal exercises.


3. Recorded Routines:


Access a library of exercise routines specifically designed for each stage of yourpregnancy and postnatal rehabilitation.


Program Benefits: 


Successful Birth: Prepare physically and mentally for the moment of birth with breathing techniques, relaxation, and strengthening.


Comprehensive Recovery: Recover your body and mind in a healthy and progressive way after your baby's birth.


Flexibility and Convenience: Access the program from the comfort of your home, adjusting schedules according to your needs.


Community and Support: Become part of a supportive community where you can connect with other women going through similar experiences, creating a network of mutual support.


Why Join?


Because your well-being is our priority. At "Mom to Mamacita," I will be there in every step of the way, ensuring you feel strong, informed, and empowered to enjoy this beautiful stage of life.

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